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Shower enclosures from SanSwiss

+Product category (Shower enclosures)
+Door type (Sliding door, two parts)
  • Pivot door, outside opening
  • Pivot door with inline panel (hinge on fixed side), outside opening
  • Pivot door, outside and inside opening
  • Pivot door with inline panel (hinge on fixed side), outside and inside opening
  • Pivot door with inline panel, outside and inside opening
  • Swing door, outside and inside opening
  • Swing door with inline panel, outside and inside opening
  • Sliding door, two parts
  • Sliding door, three parts
  • Folding door
  • Folding door with inline panel
+Profile color
+Model range
D22S2B U-assembly
D22S2B U-assembly
Each bathroom requires some space for a bathtub or a shower unit. If the bathroom is large, investors often opt for both of these solutions. When choosing a shower enclosure, we might come across various dilemmas. We need to determine how large the enclosure should be, what kind of opening it should have and what kind of shower tray should be used. When it comes to the opening type, SanSwiss offers, among others, sliding door shower enclosures.

Sliding door shower enclosures - the biggest advantages

Every type of opening that shower enclosures have has certain advantages. So what advantages does a shower enclosure equipped with a sliding door have? One of the biggest ones is that there’s no need for extra space for the shower enclosure doors to open and close. A shower enclosure complete with sliding doors will therefore be an ideal option for any bathroom, including small ones where space is limited.

Sliding door shower cubicle is perfect for any bathroom

Looking through the SanSwiss offer, we can notice that the sliding door shower enclosures can be installed in the alcove or in the corner, can be quadrant, rectangular, square or walk-in. This allows us to choose the cubicle that suits the decor and meets the expectations of the investor.

The range of dimensions is equally wide. Almost every model of sliding door shower enclosures has a choice of several standard dimensions, as well as special custom-made ones. As an example, for a small bathroom, we can find a shower enclosure that is 700mm or 800mm wide, and for a spacious bathroom an enclosure that is 1,600mm wide, or larger.

Innovative solutions from SanSwiss

Since the shower enclosure is used very often, we should focus on good quality products that won’t lose their qualities over time. SanSwiss sliding door shower enclosures are just that. Only the highest quality materials are used in their production and the doors have a magnetic seal that provides excellent tightness and convenience during their opening and closing. The panes are covered with AQUAPERLE polymer coating, which is an innovative technology preventing water from settling and forming stains.